“Bodycheck und linker Haken”

Asoka Esuruoso will be giving a Spoken Word Performance tonight at :

Releaseveranstaltung “Bodycheck und linker Haken”
arranca! #4

Am 2. Februar um 20:00 Uhr im Südblock (Admiralstr. 1-2 // U Kottbusser Tor)
EINTRITT FREI // Der Veranstaltungsort ist barrierfefrei

1 Comments on ““Bodycheck und linker Haken””

  1. hey asoka,

    my friend and i saw you perform that night (we also did a spoken word duet, so maybe you saw us, too). just wanted to say that you were amazing!!! is there any chance to hear more of your work? like, do you do more spoken word in berlin? we do have a regular stage, it’s called “shut up and speak”. come by for the next one if you want – it’s happening on the 10th of march at südblock. there will be an open mic – maybe you wanna bring some of your texts and perform? bestest, atlanta

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